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Pena Station Next


Directly adjacent to the 61st and Peña station on the University of Colorado A-Line train, Peña Station NEXT is not only a dynamic transit-oriented development but also offers a range of energy efficient and convenient mobility options

  • The connected network of trails for bikes and pedestrians throughout the entire Peña Station NEXT community will not only provide efficient mobility within but will also connect into the surrounding trail network.
  • Low-emissions Mobility:

    Nearly 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations—including 11 complementary stations in Denver International Airport’s parking lot adjacent to the train station—encourage EV use powered by solar energy and free of tailpipe emissions. Learn more about clean energy at Peña Station NEXT.
  • Self-driving Shuttles:

    EasyMile—a French-based developer of electric, self-driving buses—has established its North American headquarters at Peña Station NEXT. An autonomous shuttle will offer a first- and last-mile solution for getting to and from the train station and throughout Peña Station NEXT.
  • Connected Cars and Roads for Safer, Smoother Drives:

    As part of its multi-year partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Panasonic has transformed some of the streets at Peña Station NEXT into a live “test track” for connected vehicles and connected roadways (also known as V2X). It’s a first for the state and positions Colorado at the forefront of transportation innovation nationally, too. Why is that a big deal? Because as V2X takes off on Colorado’s roads and highways, it promises to make driving much safer while helping traffic flow smoother.
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