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Driverless Shuttle at Peña Station NEXT

Several magazines and new outlets have published articles regarding the new Driverless Shuttle at Peña Station NEXT. Below is a brief excerpt from each with a link to the full article.

Automated Shuttle at Pena Station NEXT

From the Denver Business Journal

Officials at a ribbon cutting for the driverless shuttle Tuesday said Peña Station Next, a 382-acre transit-oriented, mixed-used development at the 61st and Peña Station is the perfect testing ground for such a high-tech initiative. Today, the development only consists of a 112,500-square-foot building near the station that’s home to Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Co., which employs 100 people, and EasyMile, a French company focused on last-mile autonomous vehicles that employs nine people here in Denver, its North American headquarters. New luxury apartments and McWhinney’s 226-room Hyatt are under construction right now.

Read the full article at the Denver Business Journal.

From Streets Blog Denver

Starting next Tuesday, you will be able to hop off of the Regional Transportation District’s A-Line train and into an automated electric shuttle. The vehicle, which is part of a pilot project, will not be useful to many people as it circulates around a virtually empty tract of land near Denver International Airport. But the new mobility option could one day get people out of cars and onto buses and trains by connecting transit stops to destinations too far to walk.

"The 61AV project … will introduce an autonomous vehicle on a public roadway through a pilot program as a possible first-last mile solution for transit riders," says RTD.

The little, futuristic-looking bus will carry up to 12 passengers at a time along RTD’s newest route, the 61AV. It will originate at the Peña Boulevard transit station, go to a Park-n-Ride facility and hit several stops within the sparse Panasonic “smart city” campus near DIA. Rides will be free during the four- to six-month trial period.

The bus does not have a steering wheel or traditional brake pedals, but RTD says the technology is safe, even during this test period.

Read the full article at Streets Blog Denver.

From The Denver Post

A bus without a driver. That's now a reality for travelers in Denver with the launch Tuesday of the state's first on-road deployment of an autonomous vehicle (AV) shuttle.

The EasyMile AV is 100 percent electric and will operate for the next four to six months on a four-stop route that brings travelers from the Regional Transportation District's (RTD) 61st & Peña commuter rail station to the Panasonic and EasyMile offices and to the 61st & Peña Park-n-Ride lot.

Read the full article at The Denver Post.

From Fox 31 News

Soon you will be able to go from riding RTD's A Line to a driverless shuttle.

The new, futuristic-looking vehicle will open to the public on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and will run around the 61st and Pena Station and drive around the massive Panasonic building.

The vehicle is 100 percent electric and has room for 12 passengers and will feature an automatic wheelchair ramp, a passenger information system and will have a customer ambassador on board.

Read the full article at Fox 31 News.

From the Denver Post

The small shuttle is off-putting at first, with no steering wheel or gas pedal in sight as it ambles along two-lane streets at 12 mph.

But the driverless vehicle, which debuted to the public Tuesday as part of a free circulator route on the sparsely populated plains of far northeast Denver, may hold the key to the future of public transportation in the metro area.

It’s set to become the highest-profile demonstration of autonomous vehicle technology in a state that’s quietly laying the groundwork for the predicted proliferation of self-driving cars, trucks and buses in coming decades.

Read the full article at the Denver Post.

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