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Peña Station Next Strategic Advantages

Denver provides global businesses the ideal footprint in the United States

Pena Station Next

About PEÑA Station Next

At the Forefront of Progress

In the very core of North America, Denver’s newest destination is an energy- and health-conscious community built for the next 100 years. This progressive place puts forward-thinking people within constant reach of the world via virtual and physical connections. Equipped with the absolute latest technologies, Peña Station Next is where people are coming together to answer ‘what’s next’ for how we communicate, how we think about our health, and the very ways we live and interact with one another.

Peña Station and Lightrail

Peña Station Next is the place to . . .

  • Live, work and play – this transit-oriented, mixed use development arising adjacent to Denver International Airport will be home to modern offices, homes, hotels, retail, dining, parks and more
  • Ride and fly – with it’s own station on the A-line, Denver’s train to the plane, NEXT connects businesses, top talent and residents to Denver and the rest of the world
  • Be smart and go green – breakthrough technologies will be designed and built into NEXT via a smart resource grid with redundant and clean energy and a robust fiber backbone

Strategic Advantages

Midway between Tokyo and Frankfurt, Denver provides global businesses the ideal footprint in the United States. DEN, Colorado’s international airport, boasts over 180 destinations worldwide, including major stops in Asia, Western Europe, North America and now Central America. With its highly talented workforce and elevated quality of life, Denver attracts businesses and residents from around the globe.

Denver’s strategic advantages include:

  • Workforce – 42% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher with access to ample education offerings from skills training to traditional education
  • Regionalism – Metro Denver is looked at by other communities as a model for their high-levels of regional corporation for economic development, political action, culture and sports
  • Infrastructure – with an expansive and affordable utility marketplace and modern transit focused on addressing urban sprawl, Metro Denver is poised supports both residents and businesses alike
  • Innovation – Denver is a true entrepreneurial environment with dynamic industries, significant venture capital awards, and high concentrations of scientific and research talent
  • Health and Wellness – Metro Denver is a major part of the broader Colorado’s standings for having the nation’s lowest rate of obesity, the highest rate of physical activity, and is among the three lowest states for deaths caused by heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
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